Hi Liz,


All is well. Don and Peggy had a fabulous time in Vic falls. An email is in

the works I believe. They are out walking and then they will go with Brian

to shop for next safari, tomorrow. They really are movers.


Tomorrow we all leave for Zambia. About a 6 hour drive but longer day if we

are delayed at border. we hope not. We are in Zambia for 4 days and

children are happy to be out of school for another vacation. We are in a

self catering room so are planing to bring some meals. We are 'restaurant

challenged' at times with our troop. Plus it is always good to have food

and snacks when meals are not on schedule. I have some granola in the oven



Giardia has moved smoothly through and we are being impeccable with our

hygiene here. Hope it pays off. We'll have it down to an art by the time

you all arrive.


Love to you and yours,