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All the hard drives and flash drives are maxxed out.

8 megapixel cameras take a lot more storage than 6 mp cameras, especially when you have a 4 gig card and a taste for shooting...


The desktop has a gig of ram, but the drives are both full, or nearly so.


Brian put a bunch of the photos on two dvds, but that computer has fingerprint recognition, and when it sleeps only he can restart it (unless I cut off his finger...) so I am zipping folders of photos with less than 700 mb of files, then burning them to cd. A bit time consuming, because I can only zip one folder at a time, and then can burn one off as well. If I zip too many folders, then the hard drive gets too full.


What I should have done is brought a hard drive along, even an ipod or zune with big capacity. I did bring a couple of usb flash drives and 4 gig mp3 players, but they really aren't very good for large storage.



Moving files around really isn't what I should be doing in the hours before leaving....

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