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Hello Friends and Family


Liz, Chris and Angela Connors will be travelling to Malawi this summer. We realize how fortunate we are to live in the comfort we do and would like to help bring some positive change through our travels.

After some research into organizations, we have decided to support the Pendulum Project. You can find out more about the organization at Pendulumproject.org It is a Boston based nonprofit that provides community support, in particular to AIDS orphans, women and girls. They have many projects in Malawi, and we hope to visit some of them while we are in country.


They have created a booklet describing their work. It can be downloaded here: http://pendulumproject.org/pdf/Pendulum_brochure.pdf Some of the projects that we find compelling are:


Sending Children to School $400 funds 8 children in primary school for one year. Unlike here in the US, individual families must pay to educate their kids. With the AIDS epidemic, many children are without parents and do not have the means to fund their own education.


Treadle Pumps for community garden $600 pays to purchase 4 water pumps that bring water to community gardens. Water for gardens must be carried to the gardens by hand, usually by kids. By using a pump, it saves time and effort for tending to gardens at an orphanage.


Home Based care medical kits $1500 purchases 10 health kits which are used by community health workers to facilitate their work in villages. This program uses volunteers who walk or ride bicycles to provide medical care and counseling to thousands of families per year. Included in these kits are bandages, simple medicines, gloves and malaria treatment.



American dollars go a long way in the developing world. Every bit helps. If you are interested in making any contribution, email us or call. You can give cash, which we will use to buy items for donation when we get to Malawi, or you can make a tax deductable contribution by writing a check to the Pendulum Project. On the website pendulumproject.org is a link for online donations on the bottom left of the front page of the site. If you write Connors Family in the memo section, we will deliver the funds to the projects that we are fundraising for. Please pass this message along to anybody who might be interested.


You can also follow our adventures at africatravels.pbwiki.com



Liz, Chris and Angela Connors








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